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I'm currently happily employed full time and not looking to change jobs in the near future.

However, if you have an interesting/fun project or you just need a helping hand on one, I am available for freelance projects and I'd love to hear about what you have cookin'! Check out the rest of my site, if you like what you see... let's get in touch!
Hey, welcome to my site! My name's Chris Reeves (yeah, like Superman... my mom swears it was all just coincidence!). I'm a 29 year old multimedia designer, devout Christian, a loving husband (married 4 years, no kids yet unless you count the dogs!), a native Houstonian, and I absolutely love design & web dev. Ever since I was a kid, I was always drawing or doodling something. As a visually oriented person, I've always been fascinated with colors, shapes, and textures. The concept of visual communication has just always resonated deeply with me and has been a huge part of my life. Plagued by an endless curiosity and hunger to improve my craft, I took art classes throughout my school career. As I got older, I also learned about computers, which seemed to stem mostly from my love of gaming. I soon realized that I could combine two of my greatest passions, art and computers, and make a career out of it. As I began my foray into multimedia design and the use of the web as a visual communication medium, I soon realized this was not merely a career path I chose, but that I was born for this.

I went to art school and received a degree in multimedia design and have worked a variety of jobs in related fields. I worked my first job part-time as a "desktop support analyst", which is really just a fancy title for "tech support monkey" while attending high school and college. But hey, it gave me a chance to learn the basics of front end web development as I developed the corporate intranet and I picked up some handy PC repair skills. This has proven invaluable every time I go to build a smokin' new gaming rig for my wife and I. Yeah that's right, my wife's a gamer too. I know, I'm a lucky man! Anyway, after that I got a job at a company doing a lot of Flash based E-learning courses. In the years I worked there, I got to do all kinds of design stuff ranging from web design, print, logos, and some AV editing. As of Spring 2011, I've been working as a UX designer & front-end developer for a local boutique web agency located in the historic Houston Heights. As a member of this small but elite team of web geeks, I've tackled projects big and small for a variety of clients, including such clients as E! and the National Geographic Channel. Aside from my day job, I've also delved a bit more into freelance with a focus in web, interface, print, logo, and even a dash of mobile web design. Freelance has been fun and has been as a good way to do a greater variety of projects while making a little extra spending money. I'm always seeking new ways to expand my skills, improve my craft, and challenge myself. I'm especially interested in helping churches and ministries take their message online to help spread the Word of God and better serve their communities.

Interests & Hobbies

Overall, I'm a fairly geeky dude with a rather ecclectic set of interests and hobbies. When I'm not perusing the latest web trends or UX research, I'm usually burning off some stress gaming. I mostly play shooters, role-playing games, tactical real time strategies, or MMO's. I've run a World of Warcraft guild with my wife for over 4-years on the same server with much of the same people. If you're a gamer, you know what kind of an accomplishment that is. If you're not, well you probably think I'm a huge nerd now... but that's cool, nerds are en vogue right now. Lately, I've been playing a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. If you love blowing stuff up, you should definately check this game out, it's a fantastic stress reliever!

When I'm not in the mood for games, I like to read. My usual genres include history/anthropology, fiction, art, and theology. I'll also read the occaisional hunting magazine. Speaking of hunting, I'm an avid upland bird hunter! Every fall, the wife and I love to get out into the field with our Brittany Spaniel for some quail, chukkar partridge, and pheasant hunting. Man can that dog run, and hoo-boy has she got a nose on her! I'll tell you what, there are few things finer in life than spending a few hours of a beautiful, crisp, fall day out in God's country taking a few birds over a trained gundog, with your beautiful wife beside you. Then, to top it all off, you get to end the day with a few bacon and jalapeno wrapped quail on the grill. Now THAT'S good eating!

When it comes to good eats, I'm a total foodie! I come from an Italian family, so good wine, food, and company are essential elements to la familia. Growing up in such an environment really fosters a great love of food. I enjoy all kinds of food but I especially love Thai cuisine. I could eat that stuff all day! I would be remiss if I did not mention delicious grilled steaks and bbq ribs. After all, what red-blooded Texan doesn't love a juicey slabs of grilled vittles on their plate? I pride myself as a master of the charcoal grill. Growing up, I "apprenticed" under my dad, the self-appointed "Charcoal King", and when he passed I spent several years trying to perfect his recipes to be worthy of the crown he passed to me. Anyone who's sampled my grilling can attest to my success. Damn, are you hungry too after reading all that? I sure am!








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Then hire me! I'm currently seeking a full-time design/dev gig. Meanwhile, I'm available for freelance projects! Download my resume below and show it all your friends!


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